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Our basic motive is encouraging sustainable wood use and activity - the trees we use are either thinnings, deer-damaged or coppice. The removal of all three encourages growth of the surrounding trees and does not harm the woods. Adding basic value to what would otherwise be firewood by simple manufacturing of every day items such as kitchenware and stools - woodland management is a by-product of wood use rather than an expensive maintenance task! Activity is the major product. Encouraging active participation regardless of ability, everyone can have a go. Even if it's splitting the wood with a froe and mallet, it's still a very important part of the process and well within most people's ability.



Ian Glendinning
Sid Wright and Ian Glendinning have been green woodworking, mainly using pole lathes,in the Argyll area for more than 23 years. During this time they have worked with groups from Cowal Resource Centre, Argyll & Bute Hospital and several other groups. They have also run workshops in Ardnamurchan for the Sunart Oakwoods Initiative and WEA. They have participated in numerous events for bodies such as Scottish National Heritage, National Trust for Scotland at Glencoe, Glasgow City Council, Galgael Trust, West Dunbartonshire's Greenspace, Forest Enterprise and many more. They are proud to have been involved with the Forest Educational Initiative. This 3 year project was only possible with the help of Liz Connelly of Forestry Commission Scotland and Jackie MacBurney. 2008 saw the end of the project, having taken green woodworking interpretation to over 1500 pupils in 25 primary schools within the Cowal-Bute & Helensburgh-Lomand areas.
Ian Glendinning
Sid Wright




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